D M Public Relations & Consulting

D M Public Relations & ConsultingD M Public Relations & ConsultingD M Public Relations & Consulting

D M Public Relations & Consulting

D M Public Relations & ConsultingD M Public Relations & ConsultingD M Public Relations & Consulting

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From building your press kit to securing media and mass exposure, we take your project from beginning to end. We handle every client with extra care and take the time to explore creative ideas and strategies to maximize your PR results. We plan for the future while we prepare for the present.



Many clients don't know if they are ready to invest in a comprehensive public relations campaign. That is why we offer consulting packages. Sometimes you need to talk to a specialist and find out what your options are, how it works and why public relations can advance your project. Big or small, your budget shouldn't deter you from seeking the guidance and expertise of a professional.  

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What Is Your PR Potential?

Knowledge & Experience

 We handle our clients in a management style. That means we review every opportunity and address how it will benefit your project  (or not). It also means that we plant a strong foundation for growth, by developing an all-inclusive campaign tailored to your short-term and long-term goals.  We have proudly built our business on referrals, returning clients and our reputation. We have the resources to garner media buzz and momentum while steering you towards your objectives. 

It's who you know and what you know.


Knowledge & Experience

What Is Your PR Potential?

Knowledge & Experience


Deborah Mellman has over 25 years of experience in public relations, marketing and client development. Specializing in up and coming talent, her roster includes feature/indie film and television actors, special industry/red carpet events and non-profit organizations. Known for her dedication, professionalism and candor, Mellman’s goal setting and strategic planning have enabled her to successfully balance the needs of her clients with the demands of the press. Her ability to create appropriate public awareness campaigns for a variety of accounts is renowned in professional circles and has been one of the many traits that separate her from the rest.


What Is Your PR Potential?

What Is Your PR Potential?

What Is Your PR Potential?

There are many variables that factor into your PR potential. 

Do you know your brand?

Are you reinforcing it the right way?

Where do you want to go?

  The key is knowing how to capitalize on what you already have and turning up the volume. We collect your assets and create an appealing and interesting package that is  newsworthy and relevant to your target audience. Tell us your story.

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Action Icon Awards for Stunt Women

African American Film Critics Association Awards

The Alcott Center for Mental Health

Best Buddies Foundation


Bumble Bee Foundation

Discovery Channel

ESP Guitars

Guinness World Records

Hollywood Red Carpet School

The Woman Code Los Angeles event

Musicians Institute 

The Straight Jacket Comedy Tour

The MaddocksBrown Foundation

Read Across America

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